We have 2 different Stores on CustomShopping.com

Our "Discount Items Store"

These are items we get from Auctions, Estate Sales, Storage Units, Over Stocks, Over Runs, etc...
Some are "New" some are "Used".
All are checked to be in perfect working order, and Exactly as Discribed.
Most photos can be blown up 400% so you can see the item in detail.
ANYONE can purchase these items.
Most have FREE Shipping...
No shopping cart, Joining or signing up for anything... Just click the "BUY NOW" button and it's yours...
So Have Fun, Save Money and Enjoy Life
discounts.customshopping.com Store

Our "Big People Store"

These are items we "Wholesale in Bulk" for verious manufactors.
you must be of legal age in your place of shipping and/or a Business.
There is a $100 Minimum Purchase Requirement
You pay shipping.
Your Big People Toy Store

Both Stores offer 100% Satasfaction Guarantee on your purchase.
If you're not Happy, we're not Happy.

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